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Home Air conditioning Installation

Fitting air conditioning is a great way to improve the level of comfort in your home. It is perfect for conservatories and loft conversions and with ultra low noise systems is highly recommended to be installed in bedrooms. Air conditioning is the only way to provide genuine cooling in your home, whereas fans – including the expensive blade-less fans – will only move the hot air around not actually remove it.

Bedroom air conditioning with climate control

Having your bedroom at the right temperature is a vital part of getting a peaceful night’s sleep. Our units have an super-quiet mode to keep you comfortable right through until morning. Climate control also lets you sleep with the window closed, which is great whether you suffer from allergies or just want to shut out the noise of traffic or noisy neighbours. Our units also filter the air so they are ideal for asthmatics. Once you have felt the difference you will never want to go back to sleeping in a stuffy and hot bedroom.

Cheaper Heating and Cooling for your conservatory

Have you found your conservatory is unusable in the winter months being too cold and damp? To being sweltering hot in the summer months? 

We will make your conservatory feel like part of your home again with out range of floor and wall mounted units that we install.

Heating and cooling your conservatory with air-conditioning is a new and cost efficient way to make this room feel habitable all year round.

Air Conditioning for larger homes

Our multi split systems are designed so that a single outdoor unit can control and supply a number of indoor units throughout your larger property. 

For larger properties requiring simultant heating and cooling in different areas we like to offer supply and installation of VRF syatyems which combine heat pump and heat recovery technology.

Whether you need heating and cooling to all of your larger property or you are just wanting it in specific areas of your home, are experienced team can advise you to what will suit you best.

Choose Experience

From your initial enquiry, to your complete installation, all of our customer will have a single point of contact who will recommend the best solution for the you. All of our quotes are fully inclusive and we will always provide and include all electrical works. Our highly experienced and qualified installers will ensure that your new system is fitted on time with the minimum of disruption and provide clear instructons on how to get the best experience out of your new climate control system.

Commercial Installation

Climate Control for office and Retail

Ensure your temperature in the workplace is comfortable and air quality is good with a new air conditioning installation for all of your workforce.

Maximise your team’s efficiency and make sure you meet their health and safety needs. Our range of air conditioning solutions will maintain a year round comfortable working environment for staff and customers alike.

Maintaining the correct comfortable temperature in a retail setting provides a relaxed environment which will encourage customers to spend more time on premises and lead to return visits. We have a wide range of solutions available to meet the tightest of budgets and time scales.

Gyms and Sports Clubs

No one finds it comfortable to exercise in a hot and stuffy gym. Our air conditioning systems allow  your customers to excerise at a comfortable temperature which in turn could help retain your members. 

Our systems are economical to run and maintain and can be integrated into your existing building with minimal disruption to your business.

VRF Air conditioning can Heat and cool large spaces which is perfect for gyms. With highly responsive zonal control, VRF systems allow you to keep various spaces at different temperatures using a range of easy to use well designed units. Meaning different temperature in changing facilities to the gym its self. 

server room

Server Room and Data Centre Installations

Server room cooling is a very important part of managing your IT infrastructure. Poor cooling will lead to reduced IT equipment service life, expensive breakdowns and unnecessary downtime.

The system we install will be specifically designed for you and the demanding needs of server room environments. 

We only install highly recommended equipment from the worlds leading manufacturers. 

Our knowledgeable and experienced team will always be on hand to provide you with the most professional and seamless installation for you business. 

Servicing and Maintenance

The risk without regular servicing could result in:

  • Refrigerant gas leaks 
  • Airborne bacteria
  • Contaminated water
  • Blocked filter and coils 
  • system breaking down.

A Regularly serviced system benefits from:

  • Better Quality of air 
  • Improved efficiency of units/s
  • The system is Health and Safety compliant
  • A reduced annual cost.

Quality Servicing

Ableforce provide quality servicing with our extensive 40-point service. 

This helps to keep your warranty valid and your system running at optimum efficiency. Choose between a standard package for regular  servicing or a full deep clean for dirty systems that have not been regularly serviced.

Using manufacturers the nation trusts

We are proud at the relationships we have formed over the years allowing us to give the very best service and quality to our customers. We can also work with various other manufactures if a customer has a preferred manufacturer they would like to use instead.

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