Danfoss Smart Thermostat

The Ableforce range of Danfoss thermostats

There are a number of mechanical and programmable room thermostats from Danfoss, some with digital displays these are ideal for your new heating system installation. They are simple to operate thermostats and provide different temperatures for specific times of the day as you would expect.

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Programmable Room Thermostats

Programmable Room Thermostats with Digital Displays can offer a thermostat for every home and application, there are six different products in there range currently to choose from. With Danfoss they are all really simple to operate and also have large easy to read LCD displays. Some even come with up to six time and temperature changes per day and a built in holiday function to save energy and suite every need.

Mechanical Room Thermostats

Mechanical Room Thermostats are compatible with most boilers and heating systems types. They are large, simple to use and offer a cost effective solution for your home but if being installed on a combination boiler they will need to be boiler plus compliant a new regulation regarding energy efficiency.

Cylinder, Pipe, Hot Water and Frost Protection Thermostats

These types of controls provide specific solutions for your heating systems and hot water requirements. Our experts will be able to discuss the range of available options with you in more depth and the benefits that they can bring to your heating system.

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