Nest Learning Smart Thermostat

Saving energy with your thermostat is always the first place to start.

The thermostat controls up to 60% of your energy bill’s at home. So it makes sense a thermostat should save energy? With the Nest Thermostat it does exactly that. Since 2011 when it was first in production, it’s saved over 3 billion kWh of energy consumption in millions of homes worldwide and counting. Because it learns from you and your home’s needs. That’s why it gets to know the temperature that you like while you’re at home for your comfort needs as everyone is different and turns itself down when you’re away with auto home and away functions. It even goes one step further and learns how your home warms up or how draughty it is with poor insulation, so it only uses the energy it requires. This means it’s simple to use because it learns from you and your needs.

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The better way to save energy.

The new Nest Learning Thermostat is out now

Bringing a thinner, sleeker design to the table combined with a bigger, sharper display including Hot water control. The 3rd generation Nest Thermostat is more beautiful than its ever been. It shows you the time and the temperature you‘ve set from across the room. With the added bonus of the nest thermostat saving you energy what’s not to like.

Auto-Schedule function

With the Nest Thermostat it only takes a week to program itself due to being self-learning. Once done, it adapts and changes to your routine and creates a personalised schedule based on the temperature changes you make throughout the learning process.

Eco function

As soon as you Leave the house, and the Nest Thermostat springs into action and can tell that you‘ve gone instantly. When this happens, it‘ll automatically lower the temperature to your set range so you aren‘t heating an empty house and wasting energy.

Remote control function

As you would expect with the Nest Thermostat is its accessibility and ease of use from either the app or the thermostat itself. Once you have connected to Wi-Fi, you can use the Nest app to control it directly from your phone or iPad anywhere in the world.

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