How efficient is my boiler and should I think about replacing it?

Heating your home during the winter could equate to 55% of your energy bills! If your boiler isn’t energy efficient, this percentage could easily be even higher.

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How efficient is your boiler?

Working out how efficient your boiler is and making some necessary changes could save you a significant amount of money.

As a guideline, the efficiency of your boiler can be determined by its age. The newer the system, the more efficient it is likely to be. If it’s energy efficient it’s likely to be saving you money, as well as reducing your carbon footprint.

If your boiler was installed in 2010 or later, then you can be sure that it’s suitably efficient – if it has been serviced each year during that time. By law, all new boilers installed in or after October 2010 must achieve an A-grade for energy efficiency or be rated at least 88% efficient.

Maintaining your boiler

Here at AbleForce we do not just install new boilers; we can also provide an annual service to make sure your boiler is working as it should be.

We’ll check for leaks and ensure that your boiler is working well. Several tests will be conducted on your boiler to ensure that it’s working efficiently and within the manufacturer’s operating guidelines. If it is performing to a high level, you can be sure that it’s as energy efficient as it should be.

The best time for you to have your boiler tested is during summer, when checks can be conducted to see if there is any damage, in preparation for the colder months ahead. Naturally, when the weather dips in temperature you will want to be sure your boiler is burning at optimum efficiency.

Installing a new boiler

If you believe your energy bills are too high, or perhaps you had your old boiler serviced and found that a new boiler installation could save you money, you have the option to install a new boiler. This model could be more efficient and could potentially mean you’ll save a few pounds in the long run.

You can get a new boiler with Ableforce, and you could even qualify for a grant that will allow you to save money on a new installation.

How much money could you save with an energy efficient boiler?

If you upgrade to a new, energy efficient boiler you could save up to £210 per year on your heating bills according to the Energy Saving Trust.
Obviously, you will have to consider the cost of installing a new boiler, however, in the long-run, you could find it to be a worthwhile investment.
Boiler efficiency can be key to saving money on your energy bills and can be as easy as making sure your system is serviced regularly each year. However, if your boiler is several years old, you might have to consider installing a new one to feel the full benefits of new, energy-saving technology.

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