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Central Heating System Cleaning & Power Flushing

Central heating is the most commonplace way we heat our homes. An essential part of contemporary living, central heating systems keep our homes warm, cosy and inviting when we’re in them.
It’s tempting to take our central heating systems for granted, assuming they will keep working as they should. Of course, like any integral mod-con, central heating systems need to be regularly maintained so they keep working at their optimum and don’t become faulty.
This is why central heating cleaning and powerflushing should be a priority on the annual household or commercial premises’ maintenance list.

Central Heating Cleaning Kent

Central heating systems rely on a constant source of hot water that can flow easily and without impediment throughout the whole system. This free flow of hot water is especially important when temperatures drop and the colder weather of autumn sets in.
Being in constant use, central heating systems can inevitably accumulate contaminants, including rust, sludge, scale and other debris. To reduce the risk of radiators, pipes and boilers leaking or breaking down, it is important these contaminants are removed from the central heating system.
Not only does regular central heating cleaning keep heating systems working at their optimum, but UK building regulations require both domestic and commercial premises to adequately maintain central heating systems.

Powerflush Kent

When calcium, oxide sludge and other debris build up in the pipes of a central heating system, it can cause radiators and heat exchangers to corrode. This typically occurs when an undetected issue allows air to enter the system. Such blocks in pipes undermine the effectiveness of the system, slowing the transfer of heat down.
Powerflushing the system eliminates waste, making central heating systems less vulnerable to damage and working at their optimum.

What is Powerflushing?

Power flushing is a technique which is employed by professional plumbers to remove radiator sludge, rust and air in radiators, as well as contaminant build-up in the pipes and boiler itself.
Powerflushing works by connecting a pump to your central heating system’s boiler (either to the circulation pump or pump head if it’s a combi boiler). Special chemicals are then pumped through the pipes, boiler and radiators, eliminating contaminants and debris from the system.
How Powerflushing can save you Money
  • As sludge can seriously affect the efficiency of your central heating system, it will lead to higher fuel bills. With the price of energy bills rising, it is within every bill payer’s interest to keep heating systems clean through powerflushing so that sludge and debris doesn’t hinder the effectiveness of the system.
  • If your central heating system is making excessive noise, is slow to warm up or you have radiator cold spots, there is a good chance that your system could benefit from this type of central heating cleaning treatment.
  • If your radiators require frequent bleeding, produce discoloured water, or are leaking, power flushing could help eliminate the faults and improve the efficiency of the system.
  • Boilers which produce unstable temperatures, make noise that is resonant of a whistling kettle, switch on and off erratically or simply breakdown, could benefit from a powerflush to remove sludge from the system and to help prevent future corrosion.
  • Powerflushing is an efficient and cost-effective way to restore heat to your home or commercial premises. Failing to power flush and regularly maintain central heating systems can result in inefficient heating, which could end up costing you more in energy bills and future repairs.
  • Ableforce Service’s expert central heating engineers can carry out water quality tests and remove sludge and scale by powerflushing your central heating system.
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