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Boiler Servicing & Maintenance

Our boilers are the heart of our homes and businesses.
Without a fully serviced boiler, we risk our living and working spaces becoming cold, unwelcoming and unlivable places without hot water or heating, costing us a significant sum to repair or replace.
Having a reliable boiler that won’t let you down and provides heat and hot water to your home or commercial premises daily, should be a necessity for all of us. Despite this though, many millions of UK commercial and domestic property owners still risk the inconvenience, misery and cost of a replacement boiler by not getting their existing boiler services regularly.
Like most appliances, boilers can become faulty and therefore need to be checked and tested regularly in order to ensure all components are working as they should.

Boiler Maintenance

Did you know that the majority of boiler failures are caused by operator error, low water cut-offs malfunctioning, corrosion and poor maintenance?
For a boiler to operate at its most efficient, it needs to be adequately maintained and looked after and that includes getting the appliance serviced every year.
Boiler maintenance can help extend the life of the appliance’s pressure vessel. Failing to sufficiently inspect and maintain your boiler can result in the pressure vessel failing, which can be expensive to replace or repair.
As well as being important for ensuring optimal function, maintaining a boiler through regular inspections and services is important for energy efficiency. As boilers are one of the leading sources of energy consumption in a home or commercial building, second only to HVAC systems in yearly energy use, regular services will help maintain the energy efficiency of your boiler.

Boiler Servicing

It is widely recommended by gas appliance manufacturers and gas experts that you have a boiler serviced annually to help avoid the boiler becoming faulty and causing unwanted disruption to the heating and hot water.
Not only does yearly boiler servicing by a professional gas-safety registered engineer help prevent problems from arising, but an optimum-working boiler will ensure maximum heating efficiency in the home or business and prevent energy bills from rising unnecessarily.

Annual Boiler Servicing with Ableforce

At Ableforce Services we recommend getting your boiler serviced annually as it allows you to pick up on any problems before they develop into costly repairs. By having your boiler regularly serviced by an Ableforce boiler specialist, will not only help ensure your boiler is operating safely, but it will also give you peace of mind knowing that your home and/or business is going to be warm and welcoming when you wake up each day.
If you have a new boiler, you may actually be required to have the appliance serviced every year to uphold and comply with the manufacturer warranty. Failing to have a new boiler serviced annually can void some manufacturer warranties.

Why choose Ableforce to carry out your Boiler Servicing?

There are a number of reasons why it makes sense to have a boiler maintained and serviced by Ableforce Services’ team of boiler experts.
  • We work on different types of heating systems of all shapes and sizes, from single home systems to multiple occupancy residential blocks of apartments
  • Our qualified gas safe service experts will ensure your heating system is working effectively and efficiently and help to ensure that any potential problems are spotted, and the appropriate preventative maintenance carried out with a detailed report upon completion of works
  • We offer a simple low cost fixed price without hidden extras
  • We offer convenient appointment times tailored to your convenience
We’d be delighted to assist with your home’s heating and plumbing requirements. Ableforce Services has a multitude of accreditations, qualifications, and a wealth of experience to guarantee a high-quality service. Our engineers cover towns & villages in Kent including, Medway, Maidstone, Tonbridge, East Malling, West Malling, Larkfield, Ditton, Aylesford, Hadlow, Hildenborough, Southborough, Frindsbury and Wainscott. Please call our friendly team for a free quote on 01732 755080
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