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Your trusted, local Air-conditioning company in the South East

Ableforce is a local, family run company specialising in commercial and domestic services. We offer installation, service and maintenance of even the most complex HVAC Air-conditioning systems.

Choose Experience

From your initial enquiry, to your complete installation, all of our customer will have a single point of contact who will recommend the best solution for the you. All of our quotes are fully inclusive and we will always provide and include all electrical works. Our highly experienced and qualified installers will ensure that your new system is fitted on time with the minimum of disruption and provide clear instructons on how to get the best experience out of your new climate control system.

Residential Installation

Are you looking for more control over your climate? At Ableforce we can help, installing your home with a premium air-conditioning system for the comfort for your whole household. From heating, cooling and creating an environment you love, we are the installers you need.

We have many solutions for your home whether you want to cool your home in the summer or heat your out building during the winter, one of our specially qualified engineers could advise which option would be the best solution for your home.

Commercial Installation

In commercial buildings, climate control is essential. If you’re looking for sustainable, innovative and cost effective system, we’ve got you covered at Ableforce.

We install commercial air-conditioning units for a wide range of business industries, helping them keeping their staff and customers alike comfortable throughout the year. 

Each member of our team goes through specialist and vigorous training in their specific field leaving them with the knowledge and understanding when it comes to installing and maintaining all of our systems. Our engineer have extensive knowledge of a range of climate control systems, along with their practical skills, we are a friendly team that wont be satisfied until the job is completed to the highest of standards.

We always provide a professional but personal service to all of our clients, by getting to know each one thus insuring we know their specific needs and we can deliver the service possible. We are a small team, but a mighty one!

Servicing and Maintenance

The risk without regular servicing could result in:

  • Refrigerant gas leaks 
  • Airborne bacteria
  • Contaminated water
  • Blocked filter and coils 
  • system breaking down.

A Regularly serviced system benefits from:

  • Better Quality of air 
  • Improved efficiency of units/s
  • The system is Health and Safety compliant
  • A reduced annual cost.

Quality Servicing

Ableforce provide quality servicing with our extensive 40-point service. 

This helps to keep your warranty valid and your system running at optimum efficiency. Choose between a standard package for regular  servicing or a full deep clean for dirty systems that have not been regularly serviced.

Using manufacturers the nation trusts

We are proud at the relationships we have formed over the years allowing us to give the very best service and quality to our customers. We can also work with various other manufactures, if a customer has a preferred manufacturer they would like to use instead.

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