Residential Air-conditioning

Heating and cooling your home

Air conditioning installed within your home

Fitting air conditioning is a great way to improve the level of comfort in your home. It is perfect for conservatories and loft conversions and with ultra low noise systems is highly recommended to be installed in bedrooms also.

Air conditioning is the only way to provide genuine cooling in your home, whereas fans – including the expensive blade-less fans – will only move the hot air around not actually remove it. 

Installing air conditioning units within your home, could save you money on your fuel bills and the systems are versatile as they can be used for heating and cooling. 

We can install them in many areas of your home, making it a very flexible system unlike other heating or cooling systems.

Bedroom air conditioning with climate control

One of the reasons people struggle to sleep at night is due to an uncomfortable temperature, either hot or cold, even high humidity. Air conditioners can instantly and effectively solve both these problems people find in their home, and they can be less expensive than you may think. 

Ableforce will only install air-conditioner that are ultra quiet and cause no distraction at all. Installing one of these system within your bedroom means that you wont have to leave a window open at night, leaving less noise affects from the outside, if you live on a busy street or main road. 

Cheaper heating and cooling for your conservatory

Conservatory’s are great for adding more downstairs space to your home however most of the time, we find, they are unusable in the winter as they become too cold and the opposite in the summer where they are unbearably hot. Ableforce has found a money saving solution instead of replacing your whole conservatory with a brick built extension. 

Installing an air conditioning unit into your conservatory can be cost effective and save you money in the long run, creating a useable space for you and your family. 

Air-conditioning for larger homes

Heating and cooling larger homes can become costly in fuel bills when using the standard heating or cooling systems. 

Heating a larger, older property can also be costly if there isn’t an up to date central heating system installed. 

If you are after a cost effectively, quiet and effective heating and cooling solution all in one then a air conditioning system could be the right solution for your larger home.

Need a commercial Air-conditioning installation instead?

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