Megnetic boiler filters

Boiler filters

The magnetic boiler filter is used to prolong the life of your boiler and help it run more efficiently. Over time sludge and dirt can build up within a boiler which can cause it to run less efficiently, sometimes even stopping the boiler and heating system working completely.

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Over time the dirt and sludge will build up within a boiler if a filter is not used which can cause it to run less efficiently, sometime it will even stop the boiler from working completely. A magnetic boiler filter will pull the sludge and dirt towards it as they pass through your system, disposing of them before they reach your boiler and cause costly damage.
Because boilers and heating systems contain a large amount of metal this causes rust to form as the water passes through it. By having a magnetic filter installed in your boiler, it will help prevent the build-up of sludge and keeps the system much cleaner and fresher. The magnetic boiler filter helps to protect your heating circuit and could help to stop you having to pay for unexpected and costly boiler repairs from any damage caused as a result of sludge.
But not all magnetic boiler filters are manufactured to the same standard or with the same level of protection. We install the only tested and reliable products such as the TF1 Omega magnetic filter from a global market leader Fernox, you don’t have to worry about sludge building up in your boiler and pipework with a brand like fernox or Adey. The Fernox TF1 total filter combines hydrocyclonic action with powerful Neodymium magnetic assemblies to remove potentially damaging dirt and sludge from your central heating system and safely store them within the filter itself.

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