Honeywell thermostat

The ablefore Honeywell thermostat range

Honeywell are one of the UK’s leading supplier of domestic heating controls as well as commercial. Honeywell offer a wide range of thermostat options to suit the needs of every home.

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Honeywell controls have been designed to put you in control of your house heating needs by offering programmable and smart thermostats. Like the top of the range evo home. With the Honeywell thermostat range it aims to utilise all your heating controls and maximise energy efficiency through their entire selection of wired and wireless thermostats they have to offer. The vast range provides temperature control, sensing the air temperature in the house and switching the heating on when the air temperature falls below the thermostat setting and wireless controlled radiator valves. By doing this will have a positive impact on energy savings.

As mentioned before with the Honeywell multi-zone evohome controller you can have control over up to twelve different location zones in your houses. This is great if you prefer your living room to be warmer than your bedroom you can have different a temperature setting in each zone as required. Honeywell also offer a range of thermostatic radiator valves as mentioned previously to work with the Honeywell thermostat to ensure your home is kept at the temperature you like all the time.

All these products are designed to a very high standard and to provide years of reliable use across a range of different applications from your heating and hot water system.

We are here to advice you on which Honeywell thermostat model would work best with your central heating system and lifestyle.

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