Combi Boiler To Fit In The Kitchen

Boilers are well known as a great way of keeping the household warm and cosy.

It has always been said that the kitchen is the heart of the home, as well as that it can also be home to your boiler one of the most important components of the house. It’s also possible to install a boiler in your kitchen, although there are some things to bear in mind first especially if you want to house your kitchen boiler in a cupboard.

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Installing a boiler in your kitchen

So you want to put your boiler in your kitchen. In order to do this it’s best to be installed on an outside wall. This is due to the flue and pressure relief pipe need to lead outside the house unless we can combine the pressure relief valve within the condense as only some boilers allow you to do this currently, so a boiler fitted on an internal wall will usually counter more piping requirements between the boiler itself and the flue. This can also increase the cost of the boiler installation.

There are a few benefits also by putting your boiler in the kitchen, to mention a few are a shorter run between your boiler and the kitchen appliances that may use it for hot water purposes, like washing machines and dishwashers for example.

Although modern boilers are mostly quiet, by choosing this location means that any noise will be confined to the kitchen area, as opposed to fitting a boiler near a more intrusive location, such as in the bedroom or bathroom.

One of the downsides are that they can take up a lot of space due to needing 1 kitchen cupboard to fit in, which can be especially unappealing if you have a small kitchen. Also a boiler installed in the kitchen may will also limit the amount of storage you can have, if you are wanting to install the boiler in a cupboard.

Can I install a kitchen boiler myself?

No, No and no regardless of whether you’re moving your old boiler or installing a new one, it is a requirement to have a trained engineer fit any boiler as by law, every boiler installation needs to be done by a registered Gas Safe engineer such as our expert gas engineers at ableforce services

Can I put my boiler in a kitchen cupboard?

Yes of course if you’d rather your kitchen boiler wasn’t on show installing a boiler in the kitchen cupboard is a good idea as you can hide it away within the kitchen cupboard. Also as well as ensuring your boiler is installed away out of sight, usually the cupboard can help to make any noise less intrusive.

Its always important when installing a kitchen boiler in a cupboard, to consider the size of the boiler and how large the cupboard would need to be as it may be that it’s too large for any storage space that’s currently in your kitchen and may require a specially built unit or cabinet in order for the new boiler to be fitted.

That’s why there are boilers that have been designed to fit in kitchen cupboards as they are small enough to fit in a standard kitchen cupboard, such as the Worcester Bosch 25Si making these a great option if getting a completely new boiler installation and not just moving your current boiler.

You also need to consider access for future boiler services and potential repairs of the boiler. Its always best to discuss this with the registered Gas Safe engineer who comes to fit your new boiler.

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