New Combi Boiler Installation

What is a Combi Boiler?

A combi or also know as a combination boiler is a single, small compact boiler that’s been designed to provide both hot water and heating. Typically a good option for space saving, the boiler is designed to heat water instantly, rather than heating and storing like a system boiler or standard boiler, which removes the need for a large hot water storage cylinder or cold water storage tank in the loft, as usually found with older boiler systems.

How does a Combi Boiler work?

In order to provide instant hot water combi boilers are on constant standby and connected to the mains water supply. As soon as a tap is turned on, the boiler is ignites and it heats the water through a secondary heat exchanger, insuring you have hot water all day every day.
The combi boiler follows the same heating process as a conventional and standard boiler, but the expansion tank is within in the boiler itself, so water is heated within the boiler before being sent to the radiators like any other boilers.

Pros & Cons of a Combi Boiler

So every household is different, that means each home will have their own central heating and boiler requirements. There are several advantages of having a combi boiler installed into your home, but they may not be suitable for everyone. We have created a list which in our opinion specifies some of the pros and cons of combi boilers:

Leading Combi Boiler brands

We supply a range of combi boilers from the leading brands in the heating industry and we have the expertise and experience required to help you make the best decision for your home. Different brands could best be suited to you and your home needs so its always worth choosing carefully as this can affect your installation price,or the boiler may not be suited to your needs. Don’t worry we are on hand to help. Brands we work with include:

Worcester Bosch is found to be one of the heating industry’s leading brands and has good reason to. They have been manufacturing heating solutions for over 50 years. Their Greenstar range has been awarded a Which? Best buy for many years.

With years of experience, Ideal has certainly made their mark in the domestic heating industry as well as the commercial industry by supplying top quality, reliable and energy efficient heating appliances to a multitude of homes and central heating requirements.

Vaillant was one of the very first combi boilers to be made and has been supplying heating appliances for households for well over 100 years.

Atag are currently number 1 on trust pilot and for a good reason to. All boilers come with a standard 10 year warranty and are know as one of the industry leaders in not just domestic but commercial too. They are also regarded as one of the most efficient boilers out today. Don’t take our word for it check the trust pilot reviews.

Alpha is part of the Immergas Group that are the Market leader in its home country of Italy, Immergas has produced more then 5 million boilers alone and is arguably Europe’s leading heating and boiler appliance manufacturer. They pride them selves on offering affordable boilers and long warranty’s up to 13 years one of the only boiler manufacture that does this as they have trust in there product.

What combi boiler we consider to be best for you?

We know how hard it can be for our customers to make a decision about which combi boiler is best for your home especially with all the different options to choose from. We decided to help make your decision easier, here’s a list of some popular combi boilers:

Model Series KW Outputs Key features Price Ranges
atag IC 24,28,36,40 Simple controls, Number one on trustpilot, 10 year warranty High
Alpha Etec Plus 28, 33 Longest warranty at 13 years, simple controls Medium
Alpha Etec 28, 33 7 year warranty leading budget boiler but backed with warranty Low

What size Combi Boiler do I need?

Combi boilers come in all different ranges of outputs, each suitable for different homes and central heating requirements. An example would be, a 24kW boiler could suit a small-sized home with average heating hot-water demand, whilst on the other hand a 40kW boiler may suit a large household with a higher central heating demand and hot water demand.

We know It can be tough to decide the boiler kW output needed for your home, so we have decided to provide you with some added help as a general rule of thumb, here’s a table estimating some typical kW outputs and the types of homes they could suit:

24-27kW: 1-2 bedroom or 10 radiators or 1 bathroom

28-34kW: 3-4 bedroom or 15 radiators or 1-2 bathroom

35-42kW: 4+ bedroom or 20 radiators or 2+ bathroom

How much will it cost to get a Combi Boiler installed?

The price of a combi boiler varies significantly depending on the manufacture, size, kw output and maximum flow rate required. In general, the more powerful the boiler, the more it’s likely to cost. But some manufactures are cheaper than others offering almost identical quality. We don’t advise trying to cut costs, but we do advise you need to choose your new boiler based on the requirements of your home.

Price will always certainly be an important factor when choosing your new boiler, so it’s always best to work out which type will be the most cost effective and efficient with regards to installation process, as well as in the future. In most cases, installing the same boiler type for example combi boiler for combi boiler replacement could be the cheapest option, however this is not always the case, neither is it always the best decision to make. If you think your home could benefit from having another boiler type installed it always best to check with one of our experts.

We produced a free online quote tool that is designed to help you find the best boiler for your home and budget. The tool considers factors such as your central heating requirements and budget to provide you with a personalised recommendation for a boiler along with a detailed quote for the cost of installation including materials. Give our free quote tool today but alternatively if you prefer, give our gas safe experts a call.

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