New Electric Combi Boiler Installation

What exactly are electric combi boilers?

Electric boilers are the type of boiler that can have a huge impact to your home and also your heating bills so it’s very important to make the right decision.

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Electric combi boilers are a very popular choice for households where gas is not available neither lpg. They are an efficient choice for heating up your home and providing hot water when other fuels are not available. One of the great benefit of having an electric combi boiler to heat your home is that it doesn’t release any gases into the atmosphere meaning it is considered as being eco-friendly and is small and compact enough to fit in a kitchen cupboard or tight spaces in your home. You wont need a flue on the outside of your house as such can be installed in areas of the house were a gas boiler may not be permitted.

It is also worth to consider that the average price of an electric combi boiler can be upwards of £1600 for a small to medium size model, but this can also vary depending on the extent of the work that needs to also be done to the central heating system and the power of the boiler required may need to be upgraded. Electric combi boilers come in multiple sizes and models, this is all decided by your hot water usage and the number of bathrooms your home has.

The modern technology behind electric combi boilers or electric boilers in general has developed into a competitive and advanced industry growing year by year due to how quiet the boilers are and how they are typically a lot easier to maintain, service and install than gas boilers or lpg boilers they are becoming a popular choice when gas is not available. Why not read our general guide on electric boilers here to help you make the right choice for your home’s needs. Also If you’d be interested instead to know how much a gas, LPG or an oil boiler would cost to install in your home then you can get an quick, no obligation online quote now.

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