New Gas & LPG Boiler Installation

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Gas boilers are most common and are powered by natural gas which is piped into your home using an underground distribution of pipes. You can tell if your home is powered by natural gas as there will be a meter in or around your property. It is also the cheapest option to run your new boiler from.
LPG is slightly different and is supplied in bottles, cylinders or bulk tanks. It is commonly used in rural areas where natural gas is not readily available and it is known for being more environmentally friendly than natural gas and oil. 

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If you have an LPG boiler, your home will have gas bottles which need replacing regularly or a bulk tank which will also need to be refilled but less frequently.
If your home is powered by a natural gas boiler or an LPG boiler rest assured we can help find the right boiler for your home with our local Ableforce certified engineers on hand.

Which type of boiler do I need for my home?

If the new boiler is supplied by gas or LPG you still have the option if you would like a system, regular or combi boiler the type of fuel will not make a difference. This will also be determined by your home and lifestyle of course, use our online quote tool to help you decide.

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