New System Boiler Installation

What is a System Boiler?

A system boiler can be a great option to heat your home’s needs if you have a large demand for hot water or have a large home to heat with one of more bathrooms.

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Systems boilers was introduced as a more efficient alternative to a conventional boiler for households and homes who require a stored water cylinder. This can either be unvented or vented but you will not require a tank with this type of installation freeing up a bit more room.

Installation of a system boiler can be much quicker and easier due to many of the major components of the heating and hot water system are built into the actual boiler itself. This in turn means that the installation tends to be much neater and less disruptive to your home then an old conventional boiler.

The system pumps hot water to the radiators and a sealed hot water cylinder; but can also be used with a vented cylinder but by using a sealed hot water cylinder this allows for a faster response in producing hot water from your taps and in most cases more energy efficient as less heat is wasted. The majority of system boilers are installed onto an unvented high pressure system like a megaflow this means that you don’t need extra boiler components that you would with a conventional boiler, saving you a lot of space. Due to this the combination of boiler and cylinder means that you can run more than one tap at the same time without your boiler losing pressure. We have a vast range of system boilers available from different boiler brands to make sure you get the perfect boiler for your home and heating needs.

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