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Your trusted, local, family run renewable energy company here in Kent

Ableforce is an expert in their field when it comes to installation and maintaining renewable energy services. Please get in contact with us trusted team today to get your quote to help save you money on fuel bills.

Residential Renewable Engery

Ableforce are proud to provide cheaper, greener energy solutions for your home. From residential solar panels to heat pumps to solar hot water systems installed for your home.

Air Source heat Pumps for your home

Heat pumps offer a sustainable means to heating your home, they take heat from the air  or from the ground  and allow you to use this energy to heat your house. Installing an air source heat pump, would typically be 3 to 4 times more efficient than older heating systems. Both air and ground heat pumps are eligible for the Renewable Heat Incentive. 

What is an air source heat pump and are they worth installing?

Most homes in the UK use a mains gas boiler to provide their home with heating and hot water but millions of homes around the world are using air source heat pumps. Whilst boiler are still the main source of heating and hot water systems within the home, an air source heat pump is a cleaner, more efficient alternative that uses the power of air and electricity to provide heat and hot water for your home. 

Air source heat pumps take heat from the air outside and use it to heat your home and hot water. They are a great way to make your home more sustainable , whilst in turn reducing your heating bills and carbon footprint. 

Cut your energy bills

Heat pumps could protect you against the energy cost increases in the future and are more consistent heating source for your home. 

The usual running cost of an air course heat pump would be significantly lower than running your current heating system. 

If you have an old gas boiler (G-rated) you could save up to £255 on your annual fuel bill. 

Future proof your home

When you install an air source heat pump with Ableforce you could get the benefit of a new hot water tank, radiator upgrades (if required) and a smart heating controls, with a system that requires minium maintenance to generate heat 365 days a year.

Adding value and reducing your carbon footprint

Here at Ableforce we are passionate in providing industry leading advice to help you decide on the best suited technologies for your home. Whether it be for your existing home or for new builds Ableforce ahve you covered in every aspect of your installation.

Solar hot water for homes

Solar offers you as a homeowner a greener, cheaper more energy efficient means to heating your water. Ableforce provide two residential solar water heating solutions including solar thermal and sloar PV technologies. Both provide a variety of benefits for homeowners and our leading industry experts are at your service to talk yout rhough your options and identify the right technology for your particular home. 

Choose Experience

From your initial enquiry, to your complete installation, all of our customers will have a single point of contact who will recommend the best solution for you. All of our quotes are fully inclusive and we will always provide and include all electrical works. Our highly experienced and qualified installers will ensure that your new system is fitted on time with the minimum of disruption and provide clear instructions on how to get the best experience out of your new renewable energy system.

Commercial Renewable Energy

Delivering and supplying financial savings, carbon reductions and energy independence, for the future of our environment. 

Ground source and Air source heat pumps

Solar thermal hot water

server room

Commercial Solar Panel Systems

Servicing and Maintenance

Significantly reduced business overheads

Securing your future energy supply

Protecting your business from power shortages

Save the planet and our environment

Create a competitive advantage

Low maintenance

Contact one of our experienced , friendly team members to give you more information on commercial renewable energy

Using manufacturers the nation trusts

We are proud at the relationships we have formed over the years allowing us to give the very best service and quality to our customers. We can also work with various other manufactures if a customer has a preferred manufacturer they would like to use instead.

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