Ways to save

More control over energy efficiency when you need it

At Energy Savings Trust they say installing a new boiler could save the average household up to £200 every year on their gas bill. That’s why at ableforce we only install ‘A’ rated energy efficiency boilers, helping you stay cosy and warm for less.

How much could you save in each year?

This all depends on your current system and how old and inefficient your existing boiler is and the fuel your boiler uses currently. Below we have made some examples of potential savings for a home heated by gas central heating system.

So by upgrading an old gas boiler with a programmer and room thermostat, A-rated condensing boiler with a programmer, room thermostat and thermostatic radiator controls (TRVs) could save you:

Old Boiler Rating Detached House Semi Detached House Detached House Mid Terrace House Mid Floor Flat
G (<70%) £350 £215 £180 £175 £95
F (70-74%) £240 £145 £120 £120 £65
E (74-78%) £190 £115 £90 £95 £50
D (78-82%) £140 £85 £65 £70 £35

Save more energy with Nest

Nest is a special learning thermostat also called a smart thermostat that will transform your home’s heating. Nest simplifies your entire heating system, it will allow you to control everything through your phone, tablet or computer with the Nest App provided.

Auto-Schedule function

With the Nest Thermostat it only takes a week to program itself due to being self-learning. Once done, it adapts and changes to your routine and creates a personalised schedule based on the temperature changes you make throughout the learning process.

Eco function

As soon as you Leave the house, and the Nest Thermostat springs into action and can tell that you’ve gone instantly. When this happens, it‘ll automatically lower the temperature to your set range so you aren’t heating an empty house and wasting energy.

Remote Control function

As you would expect with the Nest Thermostat is its accessibility and ease of use from either the app or the thermostat itself. Once you have connected to Wi-Fi, you can use the Nest app to control it directly from your phone or iPad anywhere in the world.

Energy saving tricks

Don't leave the heating on low all day

According to the Energy Savings Trust, the idea it‘s somehow cheaper to leave the heating on low all day is a myth. You‘ll save energy, and therefore money, only by having the heating on when it‘s required.

Saving tips & Tricks

Are you still looking to save money and try and maximise your savings? We are here to help and are a few of our best tips & tricks to help you to do.

Check the appliance energy efficiency ratings

Appliances must have an official energy efficiency rating. The information can be found on the website you buy the product from. EU regulated, the ratings start at A+++ this means they are the most energy efficient and descend to D which is the least energy efficient.

When choosing an appliance with an A rating or higher will mean the item uses a low amount of energy while still functioning correctly. This should then result in lower gas and electricity bills.

Whether you’re shopping for something, like a kettle, or purchasing a larger appliance, such as a American fridge freezer, do some research first on which will cost you more at the before you buy.

A new boiler can improve energy efficiency

As well as switching your provider, a new boiler could help make your home more energy efficient. With an energy efficient boiler it could also reduce your energy bills, as well as being better for the environment too.

All boilers on the market have energy ratings. ‘A’ rated indicates the most energy efficient and the closer the rating is to an ‘A’, the more energy efficient it will be. The ratings are given by official energy bodies, so you’ll know you’re purchasing a good boiler using this as a guide.

Combi and system boilers will reduce energy by heating water on demand as required. This then means you never pay for water to be heated that will go unused, which is usually much more energy efficient, especially in small or quiet households with not much usage.

Regular servicing is also essential for maintaining the efficiency of your boiler. All our boilers come with a manufacturer backed warranty of up to 13-years as well.

When choosing an energy supplier

Always compare the energy suppliers especially when your contract is up for renewal. 9 times out of ten there is a better deal to be had.

As well as the obvious factors such as cost, you should also choose a supplier based on customer service they offer. Some of the large brands have been criticised in the recent years for poor responses to complaints and communication, inflexible rates and even in correct bills.

Which? can be a very good source for many services, including energy suppliers. It uses large, national customer surveys and database’s to give a rating of different energy suppliers based on a number of factors.

There is one limitation you may come across when deciding on a supplier is your location. The big companies are likely to service the entire country but smaller suppliers may not cover your area. Ofgem hosts a list of accredited price comparison sites that can show you your options as well.

When you’ve seen what’s available, always consider both the price and customer rating. If you haven’t switched before you could save money on a new tariff, but always be sure to check the review sites to see how their customers think about them, as this can indicate the level of service you could can expect to see.

Improve your boiler, tanks and pipes

The central heating boiler, pipes and if you have one, tank will serve your entire home, this makes them an important part of improving the energy efficiency of your house. An old and inefficient boiler is not only at risk of breaking down causing disruption, but it could also be wasteful in terms of the energy that it uses.

Always try and consider upgrading your current boiler if it’s old or has a low energy efficiency rating as spoke about before. Combi boilers can be a good solution, energy efficient choice for smaller homes and in some cases larger homes too, while system boilers, which are more suitable for larger properties are designed to save energy as well. Annual servicing by an accredited engineer should help you to also avoid any major boiler repair bills, as well as ensure everything is still running efficiently and as it should.

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